Elementary Keyboarding: Grades 3 and 4

Correct Fingering. Click the keyboard below to check correct fingering.

5th Grade Keyboarding

6th Grade Keyboarding

Internet Activities

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Images for making Raider signs

To use the images, right click on the image, copy, go to the document where you want to use the image, right click, and paste. If the image is larger than you want it to be after pasting it in, make the image smaller by dragging one of the corner sizing handles towards the corner handle in the opposite corner,

wolf_head.jpg RAIDER-A.gif

Links to keyboarding websites:

(You should be able to access these at school. If not, let Mrs. Matchey know.)
ABCya Keyboard Challenge/Learn the Keys Game
Big Brown Bear Typing--Learn to Type
Dance Mat Typing
Davis School District Keyboarding Practice Site
Keyboarding Games
Learn 2 Type
Nail It Now Typing Tutor
Power Typing
Text Type 2 Doorway Onlinee
Typing Monster
Typing Pal Online
Typing Test
TypingMaster Pro
Alpha Attack
Cup Stacking Typing
Cup Stacking (another one)
Fowl Words
Keyboard Triathlon
Meteor Typing Blast
Outerspace Fleet Commander
Save the Sailboat Race
Spacebar Invaders
The Frogs Are Off Their Diet
Typer Shark
Typing Adventure

E-Learning for Kids--learn how to search for information using Google, how to keyboard, and about Internet Safety for kids and parents.