11.29-12.3 Work on Yearbook Pages

We are having some technical difficulties with Yeartech and InDesign. Mr. Belland will be calling at 10 to help us solve the problem, I hope.

PP. 33-48 must be finished by Tuesday. This includes the Senior Portrait pages (Kalene and Brandi), Senior Younger Years pages (Payton), Student Life Division page (Brandi and Kalene), color senior candid pages (Brandi and Kalene), and Prom pages (Taylor).

All other 1st deadline pages are due December 15. This includes the Spring Play, Homecoming, Boys and Girls Golf, Boys and Girls Track, Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Football, Cross Country, and Soccer. Do you have everything you need?

11.22-11.24 Work on Yearbook Pages

Do you have all of the information/pictures you need for Deadline 1 which is December 10, EXCEPT, pages 33-48 which are due to the plant Monday, November 29. Pages 33-48 need to be printed out Wednesday so I can look them over in case changes need to be made before submitting them to Jostens on Monday.

11.16-11.18 Work on Yearbook Pages

Email club/organization advisers, coaches, or teacher responsible for the activity for which you are creating the page(s). Rename pictures for your pages. Move pictures for your page into the digital picture folder for that page. Select a page layout for your page using Page Surfer.

11.15 Select Yearbook Fonts

Open the attached file. We need to narrow down our choices again. Please log into Gaggle.net email account and email me your choices. Pick 2 headline fonts and 2 body fonts.

11.11 Create Yearbook Pages

Continue creating pages in InDesign with Yeartech

11.10 Create Yearbook Pages

Learn/Review creating pages in InDesign with Yeartech.

11.9 Finish selecting Deadline 2 and Deadline 3 Yearbook Pages

Open the 2011 yearbook ladder file below so that we can finish selecting yearbook pages. Each staff member is responsible for creating 5-6 pages. Some of you only have 2 or 3 pages. Students who do not have at least 5 pages will be asked to do additional photo editing/cutout backgrounds, etc., as well as help anyone who is having trouble completing their pages on time. This is a group project, and everyone needs to do their share of the work to create a quality yearbook.

11.8 Select Deadline 1 Yearbook Pages

1.5 Photo Editing and Enhancement

Continue doing cutout backgrounds for any individual pictures you see in the digitial picture folder in the Yearbook 2011 folder. You can also do cut out backgrounds for group photos done in the auditorium so that we can paste them onto other backgrounds. I am expecting each of you to do at least 3 other cutout backgrounds (in addition to the Kayla cutouts we already did) that can be used in the yearbook, so get busy. You don't all have to do the same cutouts; in fact, it would be great if you each chose different ones. There will be more cutouts to do once we get sports pictures in. Use the tools described on the 11.2 post below.

11.4 Photo Editing and Enhancement

Paste a cutout image (Kayla standing) onto a new background (Masquer group photo), and use the eraser tool to erase what you don't need. You will find it best to adjust the opacity of the cutout image to help you see what to erase.

11.3 Photo Editing and Enhancement

Continue working with cutout backgrounds.

11.2 Photo Editing and Enhancement

If you were absent yesterday, make sure you do the activities from 11.1 first. Ask a classmate for help.

Today, start Photoshop Elements. Open the Photoshop file we worked on yesterday (KaylaWeltzien2.psd). Make sure you open the .psd file, not the .jpg file. Continue selecting and deleting the background (everything but Kayla). You should use the magic wand tool, the rectangular marquee tool, the elliptical marquee tool, and the eraser tool. Remember you can Zoom in with Ctrl + or Zoom out with Ctrl -. Save frequently. If you mess up, you can UNDO. If you really mess up, you might have to start over. If you are having problems, ask a classmate for help. We will work with the cutout of Kayla on Wednesday.

If you continue to have problems with this, try this tutorial. The directions are quite a bit different than the method I showed you in class, but this method may work better for you.

Your next project is to open the other KaylaWeltzien photo and get rid of the background of that file. You will open the KaylaWeltzien1.jpg file in Photoshop Elements and immediately save the picture to your y: drive (if you have room) or to the folder you created on the j: drive in the Yearbook 2011 folder. Start by cropping out as much of the background as you can by using the rectangular marquee tool, go to Image, and crop. Make sure you SAVE the file as a Photoshop file (change the type of file in the SAVE AS dialog box). Then use the magic wand tool, the rectangular marquee tool and delete, the elliptical marquee tool and delete, and the eraser tool to get rid of everything but Kayla in the picture. AGAIN, remember to save frequently.

There are several other individual photos that we will need to cut out and place into group photos. Look through the digital pictures in the Yearbook 2011 folder and work on getting rid of the backgrounds around the individuals. You can also open group photos (those taken in the auditorium) and get rid of the backgrounds of those so we can place the groups onto other backgrounds.

GOOD LUCK! Remember, ask a classmate if you are having problems.

11.1 Photo Editing and Enhancement

Today we will learn to use Photoshop Elements for editing and enhancing photos. Our first projects will be Cutout Backgrounds. You will copy pictures from the yearbook digital pictures folder and paste them into your folder on the y: drive. If you get an error saving to your y: drive, then create yourself a folder in the Yearbook 2011 folder on the j: drive to save your work in. You will open the files in Photoshop Elements and then save them as Photoshop files (using the SAVE AS command, and change the file type to Photoshop .psd files. This is a critical step as you will most likely need more than one class period to work on editing and enhancing photos.

10.27 Homecoming Booklet

Last class day to work on Homecoming Booklet pages. After today, you will need to finish your pages on your time. ALL PAGES MUST BE DONE by Wednesday, November 3.

10.26 Homecoming Booklet

Continue working on your pages for the Homecoming/Fall Sports Booklet. Make corrections if needed.

10.25 Homecoming Booklet

Continue working on your pages for the Homecoming/Fall Sports Booklet. Print your page before you leave class today.

10.22 Homecoming Booklet

The fonts we will use for the pages are
AYT Firewalk Headlines/Titles (36 points)
AYT Clarence— body text (12 point) and photo captions (10 point)

AYT Rigid--Stand-out, one-word text (24-36 points)

We should have the team pictures on Monday. For now, please draw in rectangular frames for pictures you will place when we get those pictures. Also, put in a random text caption for the picture. Use the Random Text below for your caption; modify the length of it to reflect the number of words you think will be in your caption (GUESSTIMATE). Remember, you can use bold, italics, adjust character spacing, and paragraph spacing to modify the fonts we are using. YOU MUST, however, use the fonts and sizes indicated, Use the AYT Rigid font only if you want to create some stand out, one-word text. Before you leave today, print out your page so I can look it over this weekend. REMEMBER, all pages need to be saved on the j: drive/ in the Homecoming Booklet folder, NOT in your folder on the y: drive. I need to have access to your page, and I cannot access your page from your folder on the y: drive.

Caption Text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque pellentesque, turpis sed posuere sodales, tortor leo ultricies nunc, ut sollicitudin nulla orci eget felis. Vivamus tempus, ipsum quis euismod auctor, risus felis feugiat nulla, suscipit ultrices orci erat sollicitudin erat. Morbi quis mattis neque. Vivamus nibh ante, pulvinar tincidunt iaculis at, vulputate ac metus. Nulla bibendum nunc vitae nibh faucibus fermentum. Vestibulum feugiat enim at purus iaculis vel ullamcorper ligula mollis. Sed feugiat ornare leo varius vulputate. Donec lacinia lacinia eleifend. Aenean nisi leo, tempus nec rhoncus vitae, lacinia ut erat. Nullam egestas malesuada quam sed accumsan. Curabitur rhoncus justo et felis tincidunt porttitor. Etiam vehicula egestas aliquet. Sed arcu arcu, hendrerit eu semper aliquet, dapibus luctus nibh. Sed facilisis erat tellus, nec placerat dolor. Curabitur nunc sapien, mattis ut luctus malesuada, venenatis at nulla. Vestibulum ligula orci, accumsan ut molestie in, mollis sit amet diam. Aliquam id leo et tellus tincidunt blandit.


Work on Homecoming Booklet pages. Be sure to e-mail me from your gaggle.net account, if you have any questions or need more information.


Work on Homecoming Booklet pages. Be sure to e-mail me from your gaggle.net account, if you have any questions or need more information.


Complete the Homecoming Booklet Font Survey. Click on the following link:
Homecoming Booklet Font Survey

Learn to use gaggle.net for e-mail. Read pp. 38-40 in the Student Handbook.
Work on Homecoming Booklet pages. Do you need more pictures? Ask your friends if they have any. Tell them you need them for the homecoming booklet and ask if they will bring them in tomorrow. We need them ASAP.


We need to pick our fonts for the fall sports/homecoming booklet today. Use yellow highlight to pick 3 headline fonts. Use green highlight to pick 3 body/caption fonts. Remember, the font needs to be readable.


Today we will create our pages for the Homecoming Booklet and start designing the pages. It is important that we save the pages in the right location and with the correct file name.


Finish the Ads with Dot Leader Tabs. Open the template from 10.13 if you haven't started this assignment yet.


Today we will look at the text frame ads and then work with Tabs with dot leaders by recreating a few more ads. Open this file so we are ready to start.



Finish ads with text frames assignment--see 10.6 and 10.7 for more information.


Continue with ads with text frames assignment--see 10.6 and 10.7 for more information.


Continue on working with Ads with Text Frames. If you were gone when that activity was introduced, here is the document to help you get started.


Today we are going to recreate some ads using text frames and several text formatting features. The file below has all the text for the ads. You just have to work with the formatting. You will have to copy and paste the text for each add into a text frame for the ad. All ads must fit on one page. We will create the ad page together before you start copying and pasting in the text. We will check them Friday before you submit them for grading.


Critique each other's business cards on todaysmeet.com


Create a business card using Microsoft Publisher for yourself as a member of the yearbook staff. Information to include: your name, Yearbook Staff, Arcadia High School, 756 Raider Drive, Arcadia, WI 54612. Phone 608-323-3334; Fax 608-323-2256, Email: your name @gaggle.net. You can use the wolf image or Raider A image which can be found on the J: drive, Yearbook, 2010 Yearbook (I think). If they can't find images, have them draw in another shape for now which can be replaced with the wolf or Raider A image. Use school colors. You can use a business card template for this or create one from scratch. Good luck. Sorry I'm not there.


More flyer review today on Todays Meet. JOIN WITH YOUR FIRST NAME OR WE WON'T DO THIS AGAIN!


Today we are going to critique each other's flyers using an online application called Todays Meet. Please open the link below in a new tab:
Todays Meet. To show me you can get started with this, please join the meet by keying your name and a nice greeting.


Continue working on your Teen Safe Driving Poster described on 9.27.


Change of plans. Our class is going to participate in The Allstate Foundation Teen Safe Driving Poster Contest. The contest is described in the following slide show:

Open the slide show, read the description of the contest, and use the sources provided to gather facts and statistics to use in your poster. You will create a flyer in Publisher to promote Teen Safe Driving using one of the Allstate Letterheads below. Open the letterhead documents and save them to your folder on the y: drive. You must leave the Allstate Foundation logo where it is situated on the page. Use good design principles as explained on the following Basic Design Principles site. You will work on this project Monday and Tuesday, and possibly into Wednesday if you need more time.


Today we will work with Changing Design and Layout. You will need the following file:


We will start the day with a survey posted on edu20.org. Please complete the Survey 9.21.20. Please also respond to the Feedback 9.21.10 question. Based on your responses, we may do some review of features covered in the recent assignments.


You need the following files today. Directions are on a handout. You will use the features you learned last week to complete the exercises.


Check out your grades for assignments submitted on edu20.org. If you have not turned in the assignments, you need to do so TODAY.
We will start out learning/reviewing how to use Format Painter, paragraph spacing, and Styles. Then you can continue working on PUB15YOURNAME.


Start out in edu20.org. Do the Design Principles activity. Key your answers in the assignment area and submit.
We will also do another Fonts and Styles activity. You will need to open the following documents.


There are 2 new assignments in edu20.org. The first is an assignment to learn about key design principles and keyboard a response in edu20.org. The second is an assignment to work with Fonts and Styles. Open the files below. One is directions. The other is the file you start with to complete the 3 exercises. Be sure to save the files correctly.
Submit PUB12YOURNAME in edu20.org.


Your flyers must be uploaded to edu20.org by the end of the day today.
Today we will work with text formatting--bullets, numbering, indents, and TABS
Check out the new assignment on edu20.org.


Continue working on the Flyer Assignment posted 9.10. You can submit them for grading on the edu20.org classroom portal. Use your computer username to login and 'raiders' as your password. You will be prompted to change your password. We will submit the first flyer together.


Using the skills you learned yesterday, we will create several flyers. See attached Flyer Assignment.


Pick up an orange/yellow keyboarding book. We will be doing some activities from that book today. Turn to p. 375.
Start Microsoft Publisher. We will use the files below to complete some of the activities. You can open them and save them to your folder on the y: drive.


Login to Edmodo
Submit Shapes Exercise 22 for grading
Finish Shapes Exercise 23
Submit Shapes Exercise 23 for grading on Edmodo
Today we will work with text frames and text formatting.


Start Microsoft Publisher
Close the 'Getting Started' screen
Review copy, paste, group, ungroup, and changing order of objects
Introduce using edu20.org
Your user name is the same as your user name to login to the computers
Your password is 'raiders'.
You will want to change your password under account settings.
Class ID ID: 24733
Submit Shapes Exercise 21 at edu20.org
Finish Shapes Exercise 22
Introduce Shapes Exercise 23


Start Microsoft Publisher
Close the 'Getting Started' screen
Review changing margins and adding gridlines
Learn to copy, paste, group, and change order of objects


Start Microsoft Publisher
Become familiar with Objects toolbar
Learn to change margins and use gridlines
Learn to use Drawing Tools
Draw lines and shapes.
Modify line and border weight
Modify fill


Create a Word document; save as Digital Photo Tips
Using Internet Explorer and Google, search for sites that provide tips for taking digital pictures
Copy and paste the url of all websites you find