Technology Use Guidelines


5 weeks--Word Processing (TABS, tables, columns, graphics, shapes, envelopes, labels, forms)
Word Training Online Tutorial
4 weeks--Spreadsheet (create, enhance--borders, shading, images; formulas (sum, minimum, maximum, average, count, if statements)
Excel Training Online Tutorial
3 weeks--Database (create, edit, create reports, create queries, create forms, apply filters)
1 week--PowerPoint
1 week--Integrated unit--word processing, spreadsheets, database, PowerPoint
1 week--Photo Editing (Photoshop Elements)
1 week--Web Design (simple web pages using Google Sites)
1 week--Video editing (Movie Maker)
1 week--Final Project


Excel Terminology

Check your knowledge of Spreadsheets at Test Frenzy. Do the following on-line quizzes.

Data files to complete activities